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Ethos of Ketchup

Our Journey

Ketchup emerged from the entrepreneurial spirit of a Wellington-based SME business owner with a vision to create a symbiotic ecosystem for local businesses. As the founder of Cognitiv, a company at the forefront of IT solutions, I've experienced firsthand the transformative power of personal connections and the effectiveness of word-of-mouth and referral-based marketing.


Our Philosophy

In an age where digital marketing often presents a costly barrier for small businesses, we stand as a testament to the value of authentic, face-to-face interactions. Ketchup isn't just a platform; it's a community-driven initiative that thrives on the personal touch - where a handshake has more value than keyboard clicks, and industry sector exclusivity is banished. We welcome multiple business owners from the same industry sectors to ketchup in the same space. Ketchup is a level playground for all business owners. Join our network – Download the Ketchup app, and register your business. 


Contact us – Get in touch to become a member of the Ketchup app and receive invitations to attend
our next networking events in person.

Our Commitment

Balancing a young family and a thriving business, I understand the need for flexibility in professional networking. Ketchup is designed to offer just that – a versatile, user-friendly space that adapts to your schedule and business needs. Whether you're looking to collaborate, enhance brand awareness, or simply seek advice, we provide a gateway to meaningful exchanges and potential growth opportunities.


Our Approach

We blend the latest technology with the timeless power of in-person gatherings, creating regular events in the Wellington region that are as enriching as they are inspiring. Ketchup events are where stories are shared, wisdom is imparted, and lasting connections are forged.


Join Our Network

If you're a business in Wellington looking to expand your reach without the hefty price tag of digital advertising, Ketchup is your ally. We invite you to join our community, where every member is an integral thread in the fabric of local business success. Download the Ketchup app, sign up, and discover the impact of networking done right. Our next event could be the stepping stone to your business's future.

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